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Disky Business

We hold a fortnightly meeting to discuss circumstellar and protoplanetary disc related topics. Below is a list of previous and upcoming meetings, along with links to relevant papers or summaries. Unless otherwise stated, all meetings will be held in EC Stoner 7.76 on Tuesdays at 2pm.

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2019 Meetings

Date Speaker Title Notes
19/03/2019 Evgenia Koumpia Orion Source I's disk is salty - Ginsburg et al. 2019
05/03/2019 Alice Booth A water budget dichotomy of rocky protoplanets from (26)Al heating - Lichtenberg et al. 2019
19/02/2019 Sam Karlin In Situ Formation of Icy Moons of Uranus and Neptune - Szulágyi et al. 2018
04/02/2019 John Ilee Scattered light shadows in warped protoplanetary discs - Nealon et al. 2019 Slides
15/01/2019 Everyone DSHARP Special - Andrews et al. 2018 etc. Slides

2018 Meetings

Date Speaker Title Notes
11/12/2018 Everyone Plots in the Pub ...
27/11/2018 Evgenia Koumpia Rings and gaps in protoplanetary disks: planets or snowlines? - van der Marel et al. 2018 Slides
13/11/2018 James Miley Evidence for a massive dust-trapping vortex connected to spirals - Cazzoletti et al. 2018 ...
30/10/2018 Sam Karlin Distribution of captured planetesimals in circumplanetary gas disks - Suetsugu & Ohtsuki 2018 ...
16/10/2018 John Ilee Why do protoplanetary disks appear not massive enough...? - Manara et al. 2018 ...